Welcome to vintageflames.com...

These pages are dedicated to those who have a passion for collecting Vintage Lighters.
I am not an expert on lighters, just a new and enthusiastic collector. The information on these pages were collected from various sources including, but not limited to... Urban K. Cummings book, "RONSON -- The Worlds Greatest Lighter"

As you will see from the following pages, I have a preference to Ronson... I had no idea that a lighter could be as unique in so many ways as some of the lighters I have collected in the past few months. The beautiful engine turned finishes, the brilliant enamel paint, and the exquisite beauty of my favorites... The Touch Tip.

So look around, enjoy your stay, and please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

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Written and published by Urban K. Cummings.
If you are a serious Lighter Collector this book is invaluable!
The book consists of 417 pages with illustrations, is very well put together,
and is full of good information!

The book can be ordered direct from the publisher.

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